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Asthma is a problem related respiratory system which affects your breathing through bronchial and lungs. In this disease, air passages are inflamed and swelled producing additional mucus causing difficulty in breathing. Asthma can be mild or severe with wheezing chest pain and cough that is a life-threatening condition for an individual but in mild cases, the patient feels shortness of breath, congestion in chest and fatigue due to insufficient supply of oxygen in the body.

Extra mucus in bronchial or lungs creates a disturbance for smooth airflow and causes cough or wheezing. Causes of asthma are environmental or genetic that trigger the asthma problem or attacks. In genetic causes, asthmatic tendencies are transmitted from parents and native has no control over this but in environmental causes, native can control the triggers like pollen, pollution, allergic food and some medicines but asthma is not curable medically and native can live a normal life by changing his or her lifestyle with healthy diet and exercise.

Doctor prescribe inhalers (corticosteroids) and other medicine like tablets and cough syrups to release the extra mucus stored in bronchial or lungs for smooth airflow or breathing normally but in case of severity, anti-leukotriene or long-acting beta-agonists or hospitalization required. In astrology, mainly Moon(rules fourth house, chest and water or fluid or mucus in the body), Mars(rules infection, inflammation and muscular energy), Mercury(represents bronchial, lungs, breath and nervous system), Saturn( known for obstruction, degenerative and chronic diseases) and Rahu or Ketu ( both planets increases the severity or show no curability) are responsible for asthma.

For more detailed analysis, Jupiter also contributes to asthma because of controlling over phlegm or mucus or lungs.

Astrologically, constellations causing asthma are like P. Shadha and U. Shadha, Ardra, Ashlesha and Punarvasu. For asthma, third (rules bronchial and oxygen supply), fourth (lungs or chest), fifth (lower part of lungs and diaphragm) and eighth (severity and chronic diseases) house are responsible and signs are Gemini (rules respiratory organs and bronchial with proper supply oxygen in lungs or body), Cancer (rules forth house or chest) and Leo (lower parts of lungs, diaphragm and heart)

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