This is not the part of Vedic astrology but indirectly it is associated with astrology. In modern times many occultists call numerology superstition or pseudoscience but Pythagoras and St. Augustine of Hippo is standing behind this science and believe that deity offered the language of universe as numbers to humanity and everything to be seen in terms of numbers or relationship with numbers. In recent times numerology has been popular among the youth to change their life towards betterment by name correction, choosing the colour, profession, relationship and health etc. accordioning to the driver, conductor, lucky or destiny numbers etc. Without understanding, you can’t learn numerology or its rules will collapse itself.

What Client Says

Every single word from the client makes us better by improving our services in more satisfying way and gives us pleasure for what we deliver something valuable to our clients.

Very experienced astrologer listens to every problem and situation patiently and then provides a proper solution for the problem without any propaganda. Worth it.

Ragini Soni, India

A breath of fresh air in Vedic astrology, accurate and honest predictions and solutions, I would highly recommend him based on my experience. Combination of Lal Kitab and Vedic approach.

Terence Dean, Australia

I have underestimated the finding Given by mr Ashok, but later on it was so accurate and given some formal remedies too. It was amazing experience. Thank you so much Sir.

Sudhir Sangwan, India