Vastu Shastra

Vastu is not merely a simple architecture, design, layout, spatial geometry or space arrangement but efficient and perfect use of energy flowing in the building or home that helps to stay fit mentally and physically. Incorrect cause various aliment and accident in life due to negative energy in living space. After consultation with a qualified Vaastu expert, you can change or redesign your Vaastu and can take the benefits of this ancient science. Some main points are discussed below as:

Main Gate

The direction of the main gate depends on the side of the street. Generally, the East is best and North or West is good for the main gate, but the South is considered inauspicious.


For the kitchen, the best direction is East- South where electrical items to be placed like inverter, cylinder, geyser and gas stove etc.


This should be in West or South direction and wastewater exit to be in North-East. Ideally face should be West or South while you take bath.

Master Bedroom

South-West is the best direction for the bedroom for the owner that will give you good sleep and relaxation to stay mentally fit.


North-East is the best direction for temple or worship due to rulership of Jupiter, the prime significator of spirituality or religion.

Cash Location

North direction is good for cash, but South is good for ornaments because this direction is ruled by Lord

Drawing Room

East or North is the ideal direction for drawing room that help to generate positive vibration through morning sunlight.

Study Room

Normally East-North is good due to rulership of Jupiter but South-West also good to sharpen your skill and nourish the talent.

Water Tank

Water Tank should be in North-West, but tube well is the best in North-East.


Direction of stairs depends on the facing of the house, but it must be avoided in North-East.

Children Room

South-West direction gives creativity in study and skills, so study room is considered good here but some expert favours for North-West direction.


The balcony is considered the best in North-East that is for fresh air to stay healthy and the rest of should be covered with curtain if there is any.

What Client Says

Every single word from the client makes us better by improving our services in more satisfying way and gives us pleasure for what we deliver something valuable to our clients.

Very experienced astrologer listens to every problem and situation patiently and then provides a proper solution for the problem without any propaganda. Worth it.

Ragini Soni, India

A breath of fresh air in Vedic astrology, accurate and honest predictions and solutions, I would highly recommend him based on my experience. Combination of Lal Kitab and Vedic approach.

Terence Dean, Australia

I have underestimated the finding Given by mr Ashok, but later on it was so accurate and given some formal remedies too. It was amazing experience. Thank you so much Sir.

Sudhir Sangwan, India