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Manglik Dosha and Marrige

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Marriage is the most auspicious event of the life of an individual who accepts another person as a life partner under free will is called “love marriage” or arrange marriage. Many boys and girls are not getting married timely just because of Manglik dosha and they are very frustrated and many married couples are facing some troubles in married life because of ignoring the Manglik yoga. I have tried to elaborate the concept of marriage and Manglik in detail in the context of classical theories with the placement of Mars in the 01st, 02nd, 04th, 07th, 08th, and 12th house. This book will help the student of astrology and practitioners also for better clarity related to Manglik Dosha so that they can help their clients for successful married life.

A Successful Career Through Astrology

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The horoscope is the mirror of life that reveals the picture of your all dimensions of life completely and clearly especially in matter of professional life. Everyone is curious and excited about the future but it is very difficult to choose right profession that contributes to growth, satisfaction, happiness and success in life. This book helps you to understand the suitability of the profession astrologically or what your stars say about your professional potential, journey and destiny. Example charts have been interpreted to understand the astrological calculation which are equally applicable to your horoscope too along with remedies. This book will make you able to grow professionally and enjoy the life successfully.

Medical Astrology – A Vedic Science to Heal the Body

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Astrology is a Vedic science that works on set rules and theories developed by or ancient sages or Rishis like Kashyap, Varahmihir, Bhrigu, Parashara and Jamini etc. Like Ayurveda, astrology also a science to know about the potential diseases in the human body with their vulnerability, intensity, recovery possibilities, and remedies of the diseases also In this book, every dimension of astrology contributing to physical, mental, and spiritual health, has been explained with scientific tools and approaches blessing overall wellness. It is quite helpful to diagnose and treat the diseases astrologically especially for those who love the great ancient Indian science of Astrology.

Fundamentals Of Predictive Astrology

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This book is the handbook of astrology for beginners who can understand and memorise all the fundamentals of astrology to reach the advance level of predictions in comfortable or satisfying way. I assure all the students of astrology if they read it carefully and understand properly all the concepts, they will be able to predict easily and accurately. I have tried my best to elaborate all the possible rules or theories to make this book understandable for the beginners which covers like: 1. Planets 2. Houses 3. Signs 4. Constellations 5. Transition 6. Panchang 7. Calendar 8. Period & Sub-periods 8. Conjunctions 9. Yogas 10. Problems 11. Remedies

Trinity of Astrology (Hardcover)

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In the essentials of astrology, the signs, houses, and planets are the keys to analysing the chart and envisaging the events, and I call this the trinity of astrology. The human life has a cycle from birth to death and in the same way, all the twelve signs denote the stages or cycle of life from Aries to Pisces. These are the basics of astrology which afford the footing for predictions or analysis to reach a conclusion. All the components of this trinity have different energies, which determines the type of event under the blend of signs, houses, and planets. In predictive astrology, the combination of signs, houses, and planets displays or indicates the types of events accurately, and if any person comprehends these appropriately or perfectly, he will be able to predict the events at a micro level simply. So, this book will be a treasure for predictive astrology especially for the beginners of astrology.