This is not the part of Vedic astrology but indirectly it is associated with astrology. In modern times many occultists call numerology superstition or pseudoscience but Pythagoras and St. Augustine of Hippo is standing behind this science and believe that deity offered the language of the universe as numbers to humanity and everything to be seen in terms of numbers or relationship with numbers. In recent times numerology has been popular among the youth to change their life towards betterment by name correction, choosing the color, profession, relationship, and health, etc. according to the driver, conductor, lucky or destiny numbers, etc. Without understanding, you can’t learn numerology or its rules will collapse itself.

Numerology is an ancient science that originated from India and now this subject is studied under astrology widely. The western world is more interested in Numerology than the Eastern world or India because numbers also have the power to reveal the mysteries behind human life and events. Numerology has some set of rules for calculation for the predictions like characteristics, health, nature, finance, education, relationship, and career, etc of the native. From the career point of view, each number rules different career paths depending upon their nature and qualities. So now in this chapter, we will discuss the professions ruled by each planet separately.

Numerology also deals connected with astrology completely because it gives the advantage to verify or support the calculation made in astrology. Each Number represents its ruling planets to define its energy pattern, characteristics, and personality, etc. So, we can understand the connection between both the branches but understanding the numbers:

Number – 1

Number Lord: Sun
Sign Lord: Leo
Suggested Gemstone: Ruby

Characteristics: The Sun types are strong, dominating, egoistic, initiator, leader, compelling, strong-minded, and strong will with full of vital life energy. They can be emotional sometimes but not generally and favor the truth and justice to establish harmony in the environment. The Sun rules authority, power, top positions, and governments that bear responsibilities of the dependents or associated peoples. They are more creative, innovative, investigating nature and prefer to go into depths of the fact like scientist, researchers, doctors, and investigators to contribute something original to the world or society. These types of peoples are law-abiding and ethical in practice ensuring and protecting the interest of others as well.

Number – 2

Number Lord: Moon
Sign Lord: Cancer
Suggested Gemstone: Pearl

Characteristics: These are emotional with an unstable mind or under the influence of feelings just like a mother who loves their children, cares, take responsibility, and nurtures them to stand on their feet to live independently. These are polite, interaction with people, enhance the friend circle, support to needy, caring for others, peace lovers, and respect the emotions and feelings of others equally whether this is an individual or leader or politician caring the followers or public.

Sometimes under the negative influence of planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn, it creates some psychological or mental disorders and makes the native disturbed emotionally which is quite visible in his behaviour or interaction with society. Sensitive and emotional nature makes them artistic, speaker, poet, writer, fond of imagination, traveler and foody also with a salty taste.

Number – 3

Number Lord: Jupiter
Sign Lord: Sagittarius
Suggested Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire

Characteristics: Personality becomes impressive with a bright face, good height, golden color, polite nature, and yellowish complexion. Jupiter-dominated people are lethargic, procrastinating, and peaceful at mind but knowledgeable, wise, logical, sincere, trustworthy, and social as a person. But in case of the negative influence of the enemy planets, it becomes problematic in terms of health and gives the phlegmatic disease-related lungs, and digestive system. In their nature, these are managers by birth and authoritative in completing any given task in stipulated time with sincerity.

Jupiter is the significator of finance and management so the person under Jupiter influences, they perform well and accumulate wealth determining the progress of others or subordinates, dependents also. Jupiter means Guru and Guru means to guide or the person who helps you to make you healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Number – 4

Number Lord: Rahu
Sign Lord: Aquarius
Suggested Gemstone: Hessonite

Characteristics: Rahu is the dragon head (The North node) which is concerned the head means thinking of the individual and generally shows the negative side of thoughts like phobia, fear, clouded mentality, unsocial bent of mind, and criminal kind. In some cases, causes various psychological disorders as less concentration, confusion, illusionary mind and dreamy, etc. Under positive influence natives can be clever, intelligent, intuitive, occultist, creative, deep thinking, and ambitious. They have unstable mind due to which take the wrong decision, involve in overthinking, extra creative, change their mood quickly, impractical in their approach, hasty in actions, and unethical practices or decisions against set tradition and system of the society. If Rahul well placed in the birth chart, makes an individual practical, creative, sensitive, emotional, and sympathetic supporting art, music, designing, and revolutionary ideas. They tend to wonder, love the business where mass is involved, far from family or foreign because of their ambitions and desire to achieve something big in life through which they try to seek recognition in the society.

Number – 5

Number Lord: Mercury
Sign Lord: Gemini and Virgo
Suggested Gemstone: Green Emerald

Characteristics: Under Mercury influence, they prefer to choose the profession or activities related to intellect like trading, commissioning, banking, writing, publishing, journalism, stock market, athletic and speaker, etc. In sports, they have good stamina provided that Mars should be strong in the birth chart to perform to the desired level because Mars gives energy and muscle power for sports so with this combination they can do well in games and sports.

These are good communicators, speakers, intellectuals, and logical thinkers influencing the peoples in their fields. With good knowledge, information, and presentation skill, they have popularity and success in life. Being adaptable, intelligent, sympathetic, amiable and open-minded, witty, introvert, talkative and friendly, flexible, enthusiastic, and happy in life because of a zeal to live life with a good sense of humour differentiate them from others.

They are nature-loving, have a superior sense of taste, and fond of gardening which makes them romantic, poet, dancer, and singer as well if Venus is benefice in the birth chart. They are materialistic and keep themselves involved in intellectual pursuits for the better and positive use of mind. To a great extent, they have something extraordinary in acting, teaching, expressing, presentations, media, writing, and interviewers etc. to contribute the society as a human being and citizen.

Number – 6

Number Lord: Venus
Sign Lord: Taurus and Libra
Suggested Gemstone: Diamond or White Sapphire

Characteristics: In the formation of Shukra Dhatu, Venus plays an important role and controls this dhatu as called “essence of life”. If Venus is well placed in the birth chart of a native, becomes materialistic, artistic, lovable, romantic, music lover, poet, writer of fictitious romantic stories that need passion, dedication, intense feeling, and endurance. They are beauty consciousness focusing on maintaining it through various means as the gym, cosmetics, cosmetic surgeries for reshaping the deformed outer organs of the body to appear attractive. Inner appearance less important than outer so they tend to wear branded and costly garments to feel happy and contented.

Sometimes they remain in fanaticize, imaginations, and dreamy life bypassing the reality or practicality of the relations and feels broken heart if opposite doesn’t meet the expectations. They are party lovers, foody, social and pleasure-seeking minded and make friends easily especially those who admire them frequently. Due to a materialistic attitude, they tend to live a luxurious life with a good car, beautiful house, good clothes, jewelry, and furniture.

One thing is very good, due to materialistic thinking, there are higher chances to become wealthy who buy property, jewelry and other assets that is the ultimate goal of the worldly life but here notable point is that they do these things just to show off or social value not for gaining profit actually through investment.

Number – 7

Number Lord: Ketu
Sign Lord: Pisces
Suggested Gemstone: Cats Eye

Characteristics: Ketu is Show planet like Rahu that represents fire or Pitta element and results will be visible concerning Mars. These people are more interested in occult science, philosophical, meditation and exploring, investigation, research, and paranormal activities because Ketu is the significator of salvation or Moksha. Being a fire element, Ketu types are aggressive, speedy, hyper-reactive, and penetrating with probing. They have moderate height and constitution, tall, anxious, and fast metabolism with toxins in the blood causing skin diseases, hypertension, and boils. Under the malefic influence, Ketu types feel alone, inward, distinctive, isolated, and restless due to over-sentimental and obsession. They tend to have the company of lower peoples resulting in damage to their reputation developing the tendency to rebel against the set norm, rituals, customs, and tradition of the society.

They have a technical mind for research, archaeology, computer work, perception, calculation, geology, history, science, piercing, discriminatory, and intelligence. In many cases, it is noticed that Ketu makes the individual deep thinker, depth knowledge of secret sciences, religious, spiritual, and the core of any subject which distinguishes them from others as the person who can draw something even from the stressing situation. They don’t accept the fault and listen to their criticism being argumentative even after being aware of their fault clearly which is self -damaging in itself.

Number – 8

Number Lord: Capricorn
Sign Lord: Saturn
Suggested Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

Characteristics: They are sincere, law-abiding, practical, responsible, trustworthy, loyal, and realistic. They have will power to recover from any type of challenging environment or diseases due to their positive and hopeful thinking. They are not much attached to worldly affairs and live a balanced life by introvert nature, cohesion, self-centeredness, or seriousness. They have to struggle working hard in their entire life and their best to accumulate the money or wealth but due to miscalculation, they fail and tend to nervousness, apprehension, fear, unhappy, and rarely smile. Even after so much hard work and struggle, they don’t get much recognition and fame or fail to build their own identity in society in life. Saturn under influence of Jupiter can make an individual an ascetic, saint, philosopher, monk, philanthropist, and yogi who have the caliber or potential to change the life of many but in the same way under Mars influence, there are chances to be criminal, unsocial quarrelsome, tyrants, covetous, and paranoid.

Number – 9

Number Lord: Mars
Sign Lord: Aries and Scorpio
Suggested Gemstone: Red Coral

Characteristics: Mars type has good physic, muscle and fit body structure with bright eyes, confident, aggressive and energetic behaviour or tent to get reddened and penetrating eyes. In nature, these people may be aggressive, angry, arrogant, insightful, quarrelsome but with positive influence, you may see traits like supportive, confident, logical thing and approach, justice, brave and exploratory. Ultimately, they must avoid anger causing self-damage rather than winning to others.

In society they are self-assured, favouring justice, helping to others, threat killers, disciplined and authoritative in life. They may have multiple affairs or sexual relations just because of extra energy by Mars causing a mental imbalance in life. Technical bent, curiosity to explore something, research and stamina make them scientist, doctors, engineers and defence or paramilitary personnel where strong decision-making power, discipline, will and action required at an intense level. In psychology, police, defence, politics, technical field, fire products, weapons, electrical, electronic and mechanical, they feel comfortable and their performance is high with good or desired results.

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