In our solar system, planets are transiting or moving every moment and at the time of the birth of a baby, we take the snapshot or picture of the planetary position in the form of the horoscope which describes through twelve houses and twenty-seven constellation with the rising sign or ascendant, etc.

For example, prepare a blank chart as below given and write the rising sign or ascendant in the first house and move ascending with the next number from right to left side till twelfth house. The horoscope has twelve houses and each house has different significations of life from birth to death.

Horoscope (South Indian)

Horoscope (North Indian)

For prepare, a horoscope we need the below information of the planets to place in the corresponding houses. Ascendant means rising sign at the time of birth along with other planets should be placed in the birth chart with constellation and degrees etc.

Planetary Position

Birth chart

In this birth chart, we have written 9 because the rising sign is falling under Sagittarius (9th sign of the zodiac) sign which is ruled by Jupiter and it may be other signs also out of twelve signs. So, place the rest of the planets also as per the sign mentioned in the chart.

Types of House


Now understand each house in the horoscope that rules or signify different attributes to life.

The First House

Significator Planet: The Sun

Significations: This house is, called ascendant also that tells about the self, the most important house of the birth chart which plays an important role in predict astrology. It signifies personality, complexion, body constitution, natural tendencies, vigour, vitality, physical stature, the upper part of the face, jest for life, perception, attitude, mouth, honour, well-being and starting of life and dignity

Disease: Head, chin, body in general, brain, hair, mentality, eyes, cheeks, teeth, mind, physical strength to fight from diseases and skin etc.

The Second House:

Significator Planet: Jupiter and Mercury

Significations: This is called the house of finance and family, education, profit and gains, education, money accumulation, resources, wife, neighbours, speech, material achievements, stocks and bonds, vision, security, jewellery and one more important this is that this house is killer (Marka Sathan) or threat creating to life

Disease: Right eye, nose, gullet, tongue, face, bones, larynx, teeth, nails, oral cavity, diseases related to the right side of the face etc.

The Third House:

Significator Planet: Mars and Mercury

Significations: This house represents your mental disposition and intelligence due to rulership of this house is governed by Mercury. Short travels, siblings, courage, stamina, communication, throat, shoulders, valour, transportation, post, hands, ears, contracts, correspondence, collar bone, writing, confidence, problems to parents and patient.

Disease: Bronchitis, shoulders, mental status, trachea, collar bones, oesophagus, thyroid, right ear and neck, body growth and face up to the chin.

The Fourth House

Significator Planet: Moon

Significations: This is called Sukh Bhav with mother and luxurious life, capacity, vehicle, harmony in the family, property, agriculture, milk, education, state, efforts of wife, politics, gains, minerals, opposition, hotel, forest, volcano, democracy, municipality, unity and patriotism.

Disease: Diaphragm, heart, lungs, blood chest and breasts.

The Fifth House

Significator Planet: Jupiter
Significations: Children, intelligence, education, memory, speculation, love affairs, talents, soul, vital energy, mantras, sports, public, functions, parliament, stadium, actors, planning, public, criticism and theatre.

Disease: Digestive system, uterus, stomach, upper abdomen, intestines, pancreas, gall bladder, liver and spleen

The Sixth House

Significator Planet: Mars and Saturn

Significations: Health, debt, competition, obstacles, jail, accident, enemies, struggle, defamation, war, crime, job or service, servant, terrorist, strike, border disputes and murders.

Disease: Large intestines, appendix, lower abdomen, kidney and problem related to the back.

The Seventh House

Significator Planet: Venus

Significations: Marriage, dispute, sexual desire, business or trade, contacts, treats, character, change of place, foreign, partner, enemy, secret services, separation and nature life partner.

Disease: Semen, urinary tract, uterus, gland, tests, genitals and ovaries.

The Eighth House

Significator Planet: Saturn

Significations: Medicines, blame, foreign travel, exploration, money from wife, chronic diseases, accidents, inventions, research, octroi, secrets, death, natural calamities, suicide, unearned money, insurance, conspiracy, black magic, death of President and Prime Minister etc.

Disease: Rectum, loss of limb, external genitals, anus, seminal vessels and hips.

The Ninth House

Significator Planet: Jupiter

Significations: Donations, pilgrim, foreign travel, forefathers, destiny, religion, premonitions, faith, worship, ethics, philosophy, fame, supreme court, the foreign ministry, UNO, sea voyage, university, navy and international laws.

Disease: Hips, an interior system of female and thighs.

The Tenth House

Significator Planet: The Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury

Significations: Work, effort, government, honour, reputation and fame, officers, father, commerce, work aptitude, success, career, the ruling party, politics, parliament and achievements.

Disease: Hollow behind the knee(popliteal), knees caps and joints.

The Eleventh House

Significator Planet: Jupiter

Significations: Income, profits, gains, the fulfilment of desires, success, educational achievement, Nobel award, marital relation, rewards, honours, vice-president of the country, achievements and international relations.

Disease: Left hand, shanks, left legs and ears, calf.

The Twelfth House

Significator Planet: Saturn and Ketu

Significations: Jail, expenditure, defamation, punishment, foreign travels and matters, export-import, salvation, separation from home, death, decline, extramarital affairs, father’s property, physical pleasure, wife-husband relation, intoxication, emotional imbalance, war, losses, gamble, drugs, smuggling, conspiracy, rapes, murders, torture, secret services, detectives, and retirement.

Disease: Crippled limbs, left eye, toes and feet.

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