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Astrology, a Science of Time

Dr Ashok Sharma


About Dr. Ashok Sharma

Dr. Ashok Sharma is a famous astrologer and researcher in Vedic astrology with more than 13 years of experience. He is an M. Com and an MBA (International Business), and a Ph.D. (Astrology). He writes articles for many astrological magazines and newspapers frequently. His prediction techniques and approaches are very scientific in the context of classic theories. Dr Ashok Sharma is dedicated to simplifying the Vedic science of astrology for the common people and has already authored many books like “A Successful Career Through Astrology”, “Medical Astrology-A Vedic Science to Heal the Body”, “The Fundamentals of Predictive Astrology”, “Manglik Dosha and Marriage”, “Trinity of Astrology” and more to come, which are in the final stages of publishing.

Know About Astrology

Astrology, like other sciences, is the science of analysing the relationship between planets and human life on Earth, not the stars or horoscopes. The connection between the planet and human life is very important and as old as the universe or life itself. Normally, people understand that astrology is a tool for remedies to get rid of problems in their routine life, but actually, predictive and remedial astrology are two different things in themselves. In this modern time, logic rules the mind and people don’t believe in anything if it fails to fit into logic, such as scientific facts, formulas, methodologies, universal application, etc.

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Life is multidimensional and problems may be related to Astrology and Vastu .


The horoscope is the mirror of life that reveals the picture of your all dimensions of life completely and clearly especially in the matter of professional life.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu is not merely a simple architecture, design, layout, spatial geometry or space arrangement but efficient and perfect use of energy flowing in the building or home that


Numerology is an ancient science that originated from India and now this subject is studied under astrology widely. The western world is more interested in 

Lal Kitab

The source of Lal Kitab is debatable or has no concrete historical evidence but


On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men.


Remedial part is more important than the prediction part in astrology..

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Our consultation services have been categorised to deliver the best-customised services under:

Standard Package Kundli

International Clients: USD45
Indian Clients: ₹2100

 30 Minutes for a consultation
Discussion of all problems
  Answers to your questions
  One question of Vastu
 No Printed Material
 No questions after the consultation
 No questions of Numerology

Vastu Package

International Clients: USD100
Indian Clients: ₹5100

  30 minutes for a consultation
  Detail Analysis of all problems
  Answers to your questions
  Element Balancing
Correct placement of objects
 No Printed material
 No question after consultation

Vastu Visit

International Clients: No Visit
Indian Clients: ₹21000

 60 minutes for a consultation
  Know Best suitable entrance
  Know Effects of Vastu Dosha
  5 Elements Balancing
  Defining locations of activities
Suitable zones for objects
Queries and Answers

Vastu Shashtra

Vastu is more than just a simple architecture, design, layout, spatial geometry, or space arrangement; it is an efficient and perfect use of energy flowing in a building or home that aids in mental and physical fitness. Incorrect Vastu causes various ailments and accidents in life due to negative energy in the living space. After consultation with a qualified Vastu expert, you can change or redesign your Vaastu and can take the benefits of this ancient science.

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Very experienced astrologer listens to every problem and situation patiently and then provides a proper solution for the problem without any propaganda. Worth it.

Ragini Soni, India

A breath of fresh air in Vedic astrology, accurate and honest predictions and solutions, I would highly recommend him based on my experience. Combination of Lal Kitab and Vedic approach.

Terence Dean, Australia

I have underestimated the finding Given by mr Ashok, but later on it was so accurate and given some formal remedies too. It was amazing experience. Thank you so much Sir.

Sudhir Sangwan, India