Remedial part is more important than the prediction part in astrology. All the given remedies are general, but I would like to advise you to consult a qualified astrologer before performing any remedy. As astrologer is the expert or specialist to analyse your birth chart and suggest the remedies to counter the influence of malefic planets.

In Vedic astrology, our rishis have prescribed so many remedial measures to counter the negative effects or malefic influence of the planets which includes donations, gemstones, colour therapy, Mantra, Yoga or Pranayama, Yantra, Rudraksha, Strotras, and Vaastu correction etc.


There are two schools of thought of astrologers regarding the donations and one favors the donation of malefic planets only and must avoid donations of articles of good planets. Their logic behind is that donations of the article related to that planet, will make the planet weaker and its significations whereas another are opposite to said. According to Hindu scriptures, donation reduces bad deeds in the form of negativity of the planet. Traditionally, people used to perform donations like Gaudaan, Kanyadaan, and Annadaan, etc.

According to Hindu culture also, whatever you give to others or this existence that will come back to us in multiplications in the present life or next life that will affect our deeds or karmas.


Gemstones are precious and give fast results. Stones filter the cosmic rays and balance the energy corresponding to the planet and transform your aura or energy pattern to counter the malefic influence of the planets. Each planet rules different gemstones to balance the power according to the placement in the birth chart. So now we will describe the gemstones and wearing methods as per the planets as:


Gemstone: Ruby
Metal: Gold or copper
Finger: Ring Finger or Anamika
Day: Sunday
Mantra: Om Ghrini Suriaye Namaha


Gemstone: Pearl
Metal: Silver
Finger: Little Finger or Kanishtha
Day: Monday
Mantra: Om Som Somaye Namaha


Gemstone: Red Coral
Metal: Gold or copper
Finger: Ring Finger or Anamika
Day: Tuesday
Mantra: Om Aum Angarkaye Namaha


Gemstone: Mercury
Metal: Gold or silver
Finger: Little Finger or Kanishtha
Day: Wednesday
Mantra: Om Bum Budhhaaye Namaha


Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire
Metal: Gold
Finger: Index Finger or Tarjni
Day: Thursday
Mantra: Om Brim Brehaspatye Namaha


Gemstone: Diamond or White Sapphire
Metal: Platinum or Silver
Finger: Ring Finger or Anamika
Day: Friday
Mantra: Om Shum Shukraye Namaha


Gemstone: Blue Sapphire
Metal: Silver or iron
Finger: Middle Finger or Madhyama
Day: Saturday
Mantra: Om Sham Shaneshcharaye Namaha


Gemstone: Hessonite
Metal: Silver or PanchDhatu (alloy of five metals)
Finger: Middle Finger or Madhyama
Day: Saturday or Wednesday
Mantra: Om Ram Rahvey Namaha


Gemstone: Cats eye
Metal: Gold or Panch Dhatu (alloy of five metals)
Finger: Middle Finger or Madhyama
Day: Tuesday or Thursday
Mantra: Om Kem Ketvey Namaha

Colour Therapy or Chakra Healing

Colour therapy refers to the healing or treatment of diseases through by using colours. Colours cause electric impulses in the brain that affect biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body. Scientifically, reflected lights hit at retinas in the form of vibrating wavelengths which creates the perception of colour as sensory and physical experience.

In colour therapy, the individual is given a therapy session with colour he needs to heal a disease or depending upon the ailment and this therapy is more effective in mental disorders rather than physical ailments. Each colour rules different diseases like yellow colour for digestive problems and Indigo for pituitary gland etc.

This a holistic treatment that is a complementary therapy working parallelly with other treatments. Body absorbs energy in the form of colours and effects are experienced on every level through colours of rainbow resonating with the energy centres of the body as chakras. Colour therapy works through chakra healing which is very important in healing your ailments which are depicted as below


ॐ ब्रह्मा मुरारी त्रिपुरान्तकारी भानु: शशि भूमि सुतो बुधश्च । गुरुश्च शुक्र शनि राहु केतव सर्वे ग्रहा शांति करा भवन्तु ।।


According to Indian yogic system, yoga means oneness or union that works on all level as physical, mental and spiritual. This is empirical science and art both that helps mankind to transcend all the limitations understanding the true essence of our being. The classic and comprehensive system of yoga comes from Patanjali Yoga Sutra. This is the practice or system to go beyond the personal consciousness to unite with the absolute.

In practice, there are four types of yoga as Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raj or Asthanga yoga. Asthanga yoga has eight divisions as Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and samadhi. One more is Hatha yoga that is a combination of asanas and pranayama.
Hatha yoga helps to treat your diseases in an effective manner that aligns the mind with body trough asanas and pranayama.

And karma yoga helps you to reduce your past bad karmas to make the current life happier because in Hindu philosophy and region, we are in a cycle of life and death that cause to come on earth to reduce the bad karma to get rid of emancipation from the cycle of life and death as the true purpose of life.

So various asanas and pranayama both are there to keep you fit and healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.


Yantra refers to a mystical diagram and pattern on metal or paper or other material attributing of the deity or planet you wish to sculpt. All planets have different effects on our lives and each planet has signified it different yantra for mediation and ritual that carries the energy of a planet helpful in removing the negative influence of planets. Below are the Yantras for each planet as:


Rudraksha is considered the symbol of Lord Shiva that helps to counter the negative energies very effectively with the inclination towards spiritualism. Scientifically, Rudraksha is a very powerful object carrying electromagnetic force to protect the human body from the external environment. There are many faced of Rudrakshas corresponding to the different planets and their significations.

Navgrah Strotra

Navgrah Strotra is very helpful to eliminate the malefic influence of negative planets of all nine planets. If you find it difficult to worship or chant mantra separately for each negative planet, then Navgrah Strotra will give you good results to treat the diseases related to any planet by chanting it nine times a day or more.

|| नवग्रह स्तोत्र ||
अथ नवग्रह स्तोत्र
श्री गणेशाय नमः
जपाकुसुम संकाशं काश्यपेयं महदद्युतिम् | तमोरिंसर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतोSस्मि दिवाकरम् || 1 ||
दधिशंखतुषाराभं क्षीरोदार्णव संभवम् | नमामि शशिनं सोमं शंभोर्मुकुट भूषणम् || 2 ||
धरणीगर्भ संभूतं विद्युत्कांति समप्रभम् | कुमारं शक्तिहस्तं तं मंगलं प्रणाम्यहम् || 3||
प्रियंगुकलिकाश्यामं रुपेणाप्रतिमं बुधम् | सौम्यं सौम्यगुणोपेतं तं बुधं प्रणमाम्यहम् || 4 ||
देवानांच ऋषीनांच गुरुं कांचन सन्निभम् | बुद्धिभूतं त्रिलोकेशं तं नमामि बृहस्पतिम् || 5 ||
हिमकुंद मृणालाभं दैत्यानां परमं गुरुम् | सर्वशास्त्र प्रवक्तारं भार्गवं प्रणमाम्यहम् || 6 ||
नीलांजन समाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम् | छायामार्तंड संभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम् || 7 ||
अर्धकायं महावीर्यं चंद्रादित्य विमर्दनम् | सिंहिकागर्भसंभूतं तं राहुं प्रणमाम्यहम् || 8 ||
पलाशपुष्पसंकाशं तारकाग्रह मस्तकम् | रौद्रंरौद्रात्मकं घोरं तं केतुं प्रणमाम्यहम् || 9 ||
इति श्रीव्यासमुखोग्दीतम् यः पठेत् सुसमाहितः | दिवा वा यदि वा रात्रौ विघ्न शांतिर्भविष्यति || 10 ||
नरनारी नृपाणांच भवेत् दुःस्वप्ननाशनम् | ऐश्वर्यमतुलं तेषां आरोग्यं पुष्टिवर्धनम् || 11 ||
ग्रहनक्षत्रजाः पीडास्तस्कराग्निसमुभ्दवाः | ता सर्वाःप्रशमं यान्ति व्यासोब्रुते न संशयः || 12 ||

|| इति श्री वेद व्यास विरचितम् आदित्यादी नवग्रह स्तोत्रं संपूर्णं ||

What Client Says

Every single word from the client makes us better by improving our services in more satisfying way and gives us pleasure for what we deliver something valuable to our clients.

Very experienced astrologer listens to every problem and situation patiently and then provides a proper solution for the problem without any propaganda. Worth it.

Ragini Soni, India

A breath of fresh air in Vedic astrology, accurate and honest predictions and solutions, I would highly recommend him based on my experience. Combination of Lal Kitab and Vedic approach.

Terence Dean, Australia

I have underestimated the finding Given by mr Ashok, but later on it was so accurate and given some formal remedies too. It was amazing experience. Thank you so much Sir.

Sudhir Sangwan, India