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This is the most common and confusing question among people. They visit the astrologer related to the queries of career whether it is job or business. In the beginning of education, an individual starts learning process and continues till he starts the profession. Some choose the career as per their interest, skill and education but many of them choose their career under environmental forces like family, poverty, no skills and other reasons etc. Finally, each of us has to choose one as business or job although many of us are there who try to run the business along with the job but the native will get success in a single path of career whether it is job or business. Our Vedic science of astrology helps here to find out the suitable career path as business or job by analysing the placement and strength of the planets in birth chart. Horoscope is the tool to know about the strength, weaknesses, potential, interest and work aptitude etc. suitable for career.

Tenth House

The tenth house of birth chart is the house indicate karmas or efforts. This house plays vital role in determining the profession whether it is job or business. In both the native do Karmas or performs action for live hood, honour, prestige, achievement, status and benefits from government etc. Whenever tenth house creates connection with any house, it adds efforts to accomplish the particular activity related to that house. For example, if lord of tenth house connects with second house then native will try or put his efforts for money and family through his speech. In the same way, if connects with fourth house, native works or gives his efforts to accumulate the property, house, jewellery and vehicle etc. and gets happiness in it. Mars becomes exalted here that gives courage, confidence, vital energy and strengths for technical work like electrical engineer and physical activity involved professions like sports, defence, police and secret service etc. Saturn is the lord of karma or actions and because of that becomes significator of tenth house and makes the native sincere, hard worker and technical bent of mind in the professional life but under malefic influence, causes delay in work, lazy, depressive, struggleful and fluctuations in business or obstacles in business. Now we will discuss about the career path or the native should go for business or job or the suitable one.


Job means service or in other word an individual works for the salary or wages that need some physical or mental work. In horoscope, evaluate sixth and seventh house first and sixth house must be stronger than seventh because seventh house rules business. Sixth house is seen for service, competition, debt and enemy etc. this house is ninth from tenth house it means your efforts or karmas in service will get success but due to house of competition and enemy also, it shows competition with colleagues and feeling of enmity with people in surroundings at work place. In Kalpurusha Kundli, sixth house falls under Virgo sign ruled by Mercury that also shows service especially in intellectual aspects. This is one of the Trishdai house and Trik Bhava also so both are considered inauspicious but still sixth house gives strength to the native especially in financial matters that helps in availing loan or reduces the debts. Mars and Saturn both are the significator of this house. Saturn indicates delay in work, debt, service, struggle and subordinates whereas Mars indicates disputes, fight, injuries and accident at work place. Mercury also has rulership of sixth that is the planet indicates communication skills, intellectual capacity, logical thinking and managerial capabilities etc. Malefic planets are considered favourable results in sixth house like Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Sun gives confidence, team spirit, courage, stamina and willingness to face the adverse situation during at work place. Mars protects the native from accidents, injuries, fights and litigation etc. whereas Saturn bless with good support with subordinates, hard work and dedication towards work. Rahu makes the cunning, diplomatically strong, enemy destroyer and reduces conspiracy against the native at work place. Under positive influence or aspect, conjunction with Yogkarka planet, gives tremendous success in job but if afflicted or under malefic influence, the native faces struggle, delay in work, accidents, litigation and accidents or obstacle in service matters etc.


The word “business” derived from the word busy that indicates regularity. Business means is a trade, occupation or selling of products and service to generate a profit. In other word it is self-employment where the native is responsible to run the organization to make a profit with all ups and downs, challenges or normal routine activities. For business, seventh house is responsible just like sixth house for service or job. Seventh house is the tenth from tenth house that shows again the efforts put by the native for live hood. This is a killer house or Marka Asthana also that can give serious problems in business if afflicted or under malefic influence in the birth chart. In Kalpurusha Kundli, this house is represented by Libra sign ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet that rules materialistic success, luxuries, sexual life, entertainment and life partner. Seventh house also signifies business partner, international trade, foreign business, opponents in business, land, employment, contracts, commerce, treaties, disputes, separation and association etc. Saturn becomes exalted here that is the significator of hard work, employment and subordinates etc. which are essential for running a successful business. This is one of the square houses out of four viz.01st, 04th, 07th and 10th. According to Laghu Parashari (Verse-14 and Chapter-3), if any planet becomes the lord of square and trine at the same time provided that it has no connection with other planets, it is called yogakarka planet that gives very auspicious results during its transition and periods or sub-periods. kendratrikonpatye sambandhen parasparam | itarairaprashktaashchedwiseshfaldayak || According to Laghu Parashari (Verse-7 and Chapter-2), all the auspicious and inauspicious planets or lords of square houses becomes neutral in delivering their results. Means if a malefic planet becomes the lord of the seventh house, its negative results will be reduced. In the same way, if the benefic planet has the lordship of the seventh house, it will reduce its auspiciousness. na dishanti subham nranaam saumya kendradhipa yadi | krurashchedshubham hayete prablashchottrottram || The seventh house must be analysed properly to know about the business prospects in the birth charts. If the lord of the seventh house is having negative aspect, conjunction, weak in shadbala and degrees, inimical constellation and signs, will deliver unfavourable results in business or partnership. If strong tenth house lord has an auspicious connection with seventh, it gives rise in self-employment or business or partnership. The tenth house will fructify the results in connection with sixth and seventh whether it is business or job. Auspicious planets posited in the seventh house, indicate a smooth, obstacle-free and successful business provided they must be strong in the birth chart. Each planet has different results in this house from the career point of view. Sun becomes debilitated in this house and indicates execution problems, big ups & downs in business, losses and creativity but no confidence. Moon gives good results here in generating revenue, happiness & satisfaction in business, emotional approach and helps to grow in women related businesses etc. Mars can cause accident, injuries, enmity and less profits etc. Mercury delivers good results that make the native good decision-maker, defeater of enemies and famous in market etc. Jupiter will give good results here conditionally. If the native works hard gets success especially in intellectual works. Here, Jupiter creates an obstacle in concentrating in business or worldly affairs and diverts the native towards spirituality and social work which can be harmful to the business. Venus is the significator of this house and delivers best results in business because Venus is itself a planet of business especially in cosmetic, garments, jewellery and entertainment etc. Saturn becomes exalted here and force the native to choose the technical or medical business and makes him lazy or develops the tendency to delay the work resulting in loss of clients etc. Rahu gives cunningness, cheating and confusion in self-employment. Ketu detaches the native from money matters or business. ©Copyright: Dr Ashok Sharma

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