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Paralysis is related to the nervous system which shows loss of muscle functions in your body completely or partially. Medically it occurs when message exchange goes wrong between muscles and brain or clot in blood that stuck in veins causing stroke to the nervous system.

In many cases, it has been noticed that paralysis can be one side of the body or one side of a specific area whether it right or left. Many causes are there to occur like injury in the spinal cord, stroke, nerve injury, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, poliomyelitis, due to Parkinson, cerebral palsy and spinal Bifida etc. 

In astrology, Sun (Immunity and vital energy), Moon (rules the mental disorders that cause nervous breakdown or paralysis), Mercury (rules nervous system or veins), Mars (rules surgery, injury, muscles and energy to move), Saturn (chronic disease and obstruction), Rahu/Ketu (cause affliction and sudden occurrence) are the main planet causing paralysis.

House representing paralysis are Ascendant (head, brain, and self or entire body), fifth (cerebral system, intellect or secondary significator of mental disorders), sixth (house of diseases), eighth (chronic diseases), ninth (rules limbs), and twelfth (hospitalization, loss of activity, movement, vitality, and decay). The Main Sagittarius signs contribute to paralysis that rules sciatic nerve or peripheral nervous system and limbs). U. Bhadrapada, P. Bhadrapada, U. Shadha and Moola are the constellations that cause paralysis.

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